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a customers picture of a rucksack with a felt pineapple keyring attached to it.

Customer Pictures & Reviews 

With over 200 Etsy reviews and 60+ Facebook reviews, you can trust the service and products you receive will be nothing by amazing!

a customers picture of their fireplace with a handsewn felt gonk and heart garland hanging in front of it
a customers picture of their shelf in their home with a collection of hand sewn felt items upon it.
customer review. talking about how much they love the products they received from Sew Hanson
customer review and picture of their order in a box
picture of a box with washi tape around the edge
picture back of a girls head with the hair in pig tails. each pig tail features a carrot hair clip with a smiling face
picture of a girl with a rucksack over her shoulder, the rucksack has a felt smiling heart keyring attached to it.
a halloween garland. made up of a felt ghost, Frankenstein, pumpkin and bat. all strung on string in front of a bookcase
rucksack with felt smiling heart keyring attached to it
yellow heart with positive quote on it
gonk decoration hand sewn from felt
two bat decorations.
felt dinosaur decoration in the colour pink with bright pink spots
postage box with a christmas pudding decoration inside it
three items, two felt bunny decorations and a felt birthday badge with the number 4 on it
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